Q and A

What kind of qualifications or experience do I need?

We have a wide variety of jobs available for both degree holders and non-degree holders. Some of our schools require TEFL, Celta, and relevant teaching experience. However, some of our other jobs don’t require any of these qualifications. The best thing to do is contact us to see what is available to you.

What kind of things will be asked during the Skype interview?

We are aiming to find out is what kind of teacher you are and what you are ideally looking for while coming to China to teach English. We will ask you about your availability, preference of location, and whether you  would be interested in teaching kids or adults. We might ask if you have a TEFL certificate, or why you are looking to come to China. If you already have experience, we might ask about the kind of students you have taught and the age of the students you'd prefer to teach.

What is the visa process?

Your school will organize all the necessary paperwork needed to obtain a legal one year work (Z) visa. This process can take up to 5 weeks. The papers will then be sent to you and you can take these papers, along with your passport, application form and any other documents needed (please check with your nearest Chinese embassy) to the Chinese embassy, where they will issue you a visa within 1 week. Once your visa is stamped into your passport, you can enter China!

What will my salary and benefits be?

English teachers’ salaries in China are very competitive, which will provide you with a very comfortable lifestyle. The monthly salary for our job openings is between 10,000 – 20,000 RMB per month, or $1,500 - $3,000 USD a month. The exact amount is determined by the school you'd be working for, the city you are based in and the number of years of previous teaching experience. 
As the cost of living in China is significantly lower than that of the West, an English teacher’s salary goes a long way. Eating dinner at a local restaurant will typically cost between 15 - 30 RMB per person (Roughly $2 - $4 US dollars) and most teachers find they can live easily on 100 RMB per day ($15 USD). Cost of living in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai is slightly higher than smaller cities. 

Typical benefits in China include:
•Flight reimbursement on completion of the contract
•Furnished apartment or monthly housing allowance
•Paid holiday
•Legal ‘Z’ work visa & residence permit
•Comprehensive health insurance
•Performance related bonuses
•Professional development & support
•Mandarin Chinese lessons

Should I bring anything with me?

You can buy most common goods in China, but you may want to bring something that reminds you of home or things difficult to find here. i.e large sized shoes and clothing.